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Hedgpeth Ranch
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Hedgpeth Ranch is a Beautiful 12,445 Acre Property

A private hilltop estate with 50 acres of vineyard, a private lake with 22 acres of surface area and a storage capacity of 602.7 acre-feet of water, 87 miles of road and a grove of over 100 Old Growth Redwood Trees. Investment highlights include:

  • 30 miles from Santa Rosa and 70 Miles from San Francisco
  • 7,500 acres of commercial forest, including old growth Redwood trees and timber
  • In the Southwest section of the property lies Hedgpeth Lake that can be used for agricultural purposes, swimming and fishing
  • A pristine location for a vineyard winery and orchard creation; current 50-acre lease in place with Jackson Family Wines (lease expiration date: 12/1/2027 w/ a 5 year renewal option)
  • An excellent location to raise cattle and livestock with current improvements onsite available for use, such as a feeder barn, horse stable and a rancher residence
  • Other potential uses: commercial equestrian facility, dairy, slaughterhouse, wine tasting room, and farm stand
  • Favorable property tax treatment via the Williamson Act 
  • 97 underlying land patents or partial patents 
  • Solar and wind power generation potential
  • An excellent hunting ground

Price Upon Request